The Athletic Coaching Academy, Hyderabad is a Registered Body and voluntary organization affiliated to Hyderabad District Athletics Association for promotion of Athletics in India. The Athletic Coaching Academy came into existence in the year 1993.

Many athletes of Athletic Coaching Academy have brought laurels to the State and country and have taken part in International Athletic Meets, Senior Nationals, Junior Nationals, Inter University Athletics Championships etc.

Prominent Athletes:

P.Sunny Sharma – National Medalist
Shibu Khasim – National Medalist
Francelne Rajesh – National Medalist
G.Sitharam Singh – National Participation
G.V.Nagendra – National Medalist
K.Pravin Kumar – National Medalist
G.S.Naveen Kumar – National Participation
G.S.Kiran Kumar –Inter University Medalist
G.Balraj – National Participation
T.Ravi Kiran – National Participation
Emmanuel – National Participation
A.Sravanthi – National Medalist
Swetha – National Participation
Sushmita – National Participation
Sumitra – National Participation